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The Faculty of Engineering 50th Anniversary Website has been a collaborative project that commenced in July 2010. The project has seen Faculty of Engineering staff, a specially appointed Steering Committee and consultant historians Way Back When work together to produce this dynamic site. The individuals involved are:

History Project Steering Committee

Peter Rogers (Chair)
Bill Brown
Greg Cambrell
Peter Darvall
Mary Gani
Bill Melbourne
Seamus O’Hanlon
Ian Polmear
David Secomb

Way Back When


Sarah Rood
Lucy Bracey
Katherine Sheedy

Design team

Lynda Patullo, Green Poles Design – concept design
Andrea Curr, Sauced Out – web design and construction

Way Back When would like to acknowledge the invaluable assistance, patience and good humour of Monash University archivists Jan Getson and Lyn Maloney.

Oral history interviews, written submissions and survey

Throughout the course of the project oral history interviews were undertaken with the following individuals:

Robin Alfredson
John Bertrand
David Boger
Bill Brown
Brian Cherry
Gary Codner
Peter Darvall
Dariel De Sousa
Alan Finkel
Julie Fraser
Mary Gani
Robert Gani
Frank Lawson
Bill Melbourne
Irene Murray
Roger Olds
Brendon Parker
Ian Polmear
Owen Potter
Chris Powell
Peter Rogers
John Sheridan
Tam Sridhar
Peter Uhlherr
Clive Weeks
Bill Young

Written submissions were received from a number of individuals including:

Mike Brisk
Ken McNaughton
David Williamson

Faculty of Engineering Staff

Brenda Fortington
Tamara Snow

The project team would also like to thank the 300 past and present staff and students who took the time to complete the detailed online survey. Your feedback, comments and reflections on your time in the Faculty of Engineering formed a valuable part of this website.