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Tam Sridhar


tam sridar

Tam Sridhar completed his Bachelor of Engineering qualification majoring in Chemical Engineering in South India, at the University of Madras. From there he went on to do his Masters at the Indian Institute of Science at Bangalore. Like many of his classmates, Sridhar intended to do his PhD overseas. However, where to study, was the question. A Professor in his department in Bangalore had been to Monash and recommended Sridhar think about applying there. Having little more than this recommendation to go on, Sridhar applied, and in December 1973 was offered a fellowship.

Arriving in March 1974, Sridhar’s first impression of Monash was that it was ‘extremely pretty’. Sridhar completed his PhD under the supervision of Professor Potter and took up a senior teaching fellowship at Monash for the following two years. When it became clear that under the Fraser government teaching places at universities in Australia were being reduced and increasingly hard to secure, Sridhar decided to accept a teaching position at the State University of New York in Buffalo, USA. He stayed here for two years, until Professor Potter on a visit to the US asked him to return to Monash as a Senior Lecturer to continue on with the work they both started during his PhD years. Sridhar reflected ‘it was very, very gracious of him’ So he returned to Monash, as a Senior Lecturer, then after about five years he was promoted to Reader.

In 1990 Professor Potter stepped down as Chairman of the Department of Chemical Engineering with Frank Lawson accepting the position. However, a professorial position became available when Owen Potter retired in 1992. Sridhar successfully applied for the position, and remained Head of Chemical Engineering for the next 11 years.

After Michael Brisk stepped down as Dean of Engineering, Sridhar with encouragement, applied for the position and in 2011 he remains the current Dean of the Faculty of Engineering.