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Mark Thompson

2008 - continuing

mark thompson

Mark Thompson graduated with first class honours in applied mathematics from Monash University in 1980. He went on to complete his PhD in computer modelling of highly compressible fluids. Graduating in 1985, Thompson took up a two-year postdoctoral fellowship with the Division of Energy Technology (formerly mechanical engineering) at CSIRO. As part of his postdoctoral studies, Thompson was able to spend a year overseas at Stanford University working with the Thermofluids group within Mechanical Engineering. During his year at Stanford, he continued working on developing computer modelling methods but looking at incompressible fluids this time.

After finishing his postdoctoral studies, Mark Thompson took up a continuing position with CSIRO, reaching the level of Principal Research Scientist in 1993. During this time he also contributed to major research projects with Comalco, CRA, the Australian mining consortium AMIRA, as well as others.

In 1995 Thompson was offered a continuing position in the Department of Mechanical Engineering. Initially he was involved in a number of different industrial projects for companies such as Ford Europe, but by the early 2000s, he focus had switched to fundamental research. He has taken on a number of different administrative and leadership roles within the department, including Deputy Head of Department and Director of Research and Training. In 2007 he became full Professor and took up the role of Head of Department in 2008. Mark Thompson has supervised over 20 PhD students and published over 80 journal articles and hundreds of conference papers.