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New Horizons

The New Horizons initiative is a platform for excellence in future manufacturing research and teaching. Scheduled to open in 2012, New Horizons aims to transform manufacturing in areas such as biomedicine, transport, aerospace and mineral processing.

Monash Faculty of Engineering.

The initiative will bring together scientists and engineers from Monash University and CSIRO. The facility will co-locate around 300 Monash staff with about 150 CSIRO staff to create globally significant scale, scope and connectedness in an interactive space with an entrepreneurial culture.

Supported by platforms for global research and teaching collaboration through innovative ICT, the facility will generate greater linkages with industry and the community. Further, it has the ability to produce a new generation of leaders that will be unique in receiving an undergraduate and/or postgraduate education that is multi-disciplinary, globally connected, enabled by the latest technologies and underpinned by a productive engagement with industry.

New Horizons will establish the Clayton Innovation Precinct as the most significant technology hub in the southern hemisphere and will unite dispersed science and engineering multi-disciplinary expertise into a new world-class research facility.

The facility will be located at the Engineering Precinct of Clayton campus, immediately adjacent to CSIRO.

The New Horizons Centre at Monash University was funded by the Australian Government through the Education Investment Fund.