50 years of Engineering at Monash University

In March 1961, the very first students to study at what was then the new Monash University stepped onto the semi-rural Clayton campus to commence their studies. Among this first student body, numbering 363 in total, was a small group of 23 Bachelor of Engineering students. This website marks the 50th anniversary of this first student intake. It celebrates the outstanding achievements of the Faculty of Engineering over this relatively short period of time.

Within the pages of the site you will be taken on a journey that narrates the history of Monash, the emergence of the Faculty, and the development of its unique and highly identifiable character. During your journey you will view photographs, images, archival documents and maps. You will read stories of the past 50 years in the form of narrative and personal reflections, and you will also be able to listen to these experiences and view film footage. All of these various sources combine to reflect the real and personal experiences of 50 years of Engineering at Monash.

Welcome to the Faculty of Engineering 50th Anniversary Website – where the history and character of Monash Engineering comes to life.

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