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Engineers in profile

Engineers are often the unsung heroes of our society. Much of their work – whether it be research and teaching in universities, or consulting and project work in industry – occurs ‘behind the scenes’ and therefore can go unnoticed by the wider community. But, in reality, there are few spheres of our daily lives that are untouched by engineers. Roads, buildings, infrastructure, water systems, cars, traffic control, consumable products and packaging, sport, medicine and even music are just some of the areas where the work of engineers lies below the surface.

This website, celebrating 50 years of the Faculty of Engineering gives us the opportunity to celebrate, applaud and commend some of these unsung engineering heroes by profiling them and their significant achievements.

Here you will find profiles of those who over the years have helped build the Faculty, shaping and molding the engineering graduates who entered the Faculty as students and left Monash as highly skilled, ably trained engineering professionals. You will also find individual profiles of some of these former students who, since leaving the Faculty, have gone on to make outstanding contributions to society as a result of their experiences in the Faculty of Engineering.