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Research & teaching

Teaching and research are the cornerstones of Monash University. Since its establishment, providing excellence in teaching, as well as engaging in research of the highest possible quality, has motivated and shaped the Faculty of Engineering.

As the Faculty grew, teaching gradually evolved year by year from large ‘chalk and talk’ lectures for common first and second year subjects to more specialised department specific subjects. As the years progressed the Faculty placed an increased emphasis on the importance of teacher training for academic staff and introduced student evaluation of teaching and subjects – both contributing to the quality of teaching. Technology has also had a major impact on teaching in the Faculty.

High quality research and research collaboration has also characterised the Faculty of Engineering. Since its earliest days academic staff have been prolific in their research activity and have steadily built the Faculty’s reputation as a leading focus of engineering research. Collaboration – with industry, other universities and government groups – has been critical to the Faculty’s research activity and continues to be so to this day.

Both research and teaching have been supported over the years by departmental and Faculty laboratories as well as technical staff to run them. These research facilities and the dedicated assistance of technical staff have been pivotal to the achievement of excellence in teaching and research.

Dedication to achieving the highest quality teaching and engaging in world-class research has lead to the development of a strong and vibrant staff culture in the Faculty of Engineering.