The 50th Anniversary Research Awards

While the doors of Monash University officially opened to students in 1961, the creation of Monash University can be dated back to late 1958 when the Monash University Act 1958 was passed and Melbourne’s new university officially came to life. In 2008, Monash celebrated the 50th anniversary of the passing of The Act and held numerous events to mark this auspicious milestone.

One of these events was held on 18 August, 2008 at Victoria’s Government House. At this event, the then Governor, Professor David de Kretser, officially presented the highly prestigious Monash University 50th Anniversary Research Awards. The awards had been specifically established to acknowledge the work of present and former members of academic staff whose contribution to research were considered to be ‘outstanding’. 

A total of 15 Research Awards were announced as well as an additional four awards that were made posthumously to the families of members of staff who had pass away. Of the 19 awards, three were made to Faculty of Engineering staff. Professor Owen Potter for his  work  on  fluidised  reactors  and  drying of  brown  coal, Professor Ian Polmear for his pioneering  work  on  light  metal  alloys  which led  to  commercial  innovations, and to the  late  Professor  Douglas  Lampard for  fundamental  research  in  the  field  of  electrical  measurement,  and  research  in  biomedical  engineering  that  led  to  significant  developments in  anaesthesia.

These auspicious awards were intended to recognise and applaud outstanding research achievements of specific individuals during Monash University’s first 50 years. It is fitting that Lampard, Polmear and Potter were duly acknowledged and celebrated for their contributions, as they, along with others in the Faculty worked tirelessly both on their own research, and on building the research culture and reputation within Engineering at Monash.

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